Purpose and History

I created this blog back in 2016 when I was going to spend a semester abroad at Oxford University (hence the name). I don’t believe in social media, so I created this as a way to keep family (mostly my parents) and some friends up to date. Essentially, it was a travel blog, as a majority of what I wrote was about my trip beforehand to Iceland and my trip in the middle to Switzerland. After I returned, I had no use for it and left it dormant for about four years.

In September 2020, Jessica and I found out about The King Alfred School. Several months later, we were invited to be its two first full-time teachers. We accepted this invitation and started our preparations for our international move. In July 2021, we got on a plane out of Phoenix, AZ and a few days later moved into our new home in Wombourne, GB and began establishing our life here.

From here on, I plan to use this blog to write about the process of setting up and establishing the first classical Christian school in England. Also, I have great hope to travel often, even if only through walks to the countryside.

Primarily this blog, just as before, is for keeping friends and family up to date. We also have a number of supporters (both in prayer and finances) who may follow a long as well. It will also provide a nice record of the whole process for us to look back on.

Finally, I have a hope that it could prove a helpful guide if anyone else ends up embarking on a similar journey. I don’t know how likely it is that anyone in the future will find themselves packing up their life to move internationally to start a classical school with missionary funding. However, just in case they do, they could look here for advice.

Photography here is mostly from our trip to England in the summer of 2018. The pictures are either taken by myself or my wife. If you like what you see, there are a few more here.

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