My name is Jonathan and I currently live in England with my wife, Jessica. We moved here in July 2021 to help start The King Alfred School. We lived the first (almost) three years of our marriage in Phoenix, AZ but left our jobs, church, community, and family behind to follow God’s call to be a part of a classical Christian school in the West Midlands. We do not know how long we will live there, but we are moving without direct plans to return. As the school grows, we plan to stick with it and see where God leads.

If you have poked around at all and are wondering what exactly Oxford has to do with what you are reading about now, check out the page “Purpose and History.”

If you do not already know about me, I love God, the Church (holy, catholic, and apostolic), Christianity, books, Wendell Berry, Dante, Anthony Esolen, wood working, classical education, and history.

The next year (at least) promises to be full of straight adventure paired with everyday goodness and beauty. If our mission interests you at all, feel free to follow along!

If you would like information on how to support our work, this page has more information.

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