Hikes, Boats, Buses, and Hostels.

I woke up this morning to clear skies. Since all of my time on the island yesterday was fog-filled, I hopped straight out of bed to go walking. I got ready, ate some Skyr (Icelandic yogurt) I had purchased the night before, and headed out. I knew I had to go to the top ofContinue reading “Hikes, Boats, Buses, and Hostels.”

I’m positively knackered (as they say).

I think I may have overdone my first day. I could hardly stay awake on the bus ride back, and when I got off the bus I could hardly walk because my right calf was threatening to cramp and the bottom of my feet brought new pain with every step. 12.83 miles (my phone says)Continue reading “I’m positively knackered (as they say).”

From a bus. 

Fancy bi-lungiual stewardesses. Providential seat by the window.  10 Cloverfield Lane. Trying to sleep. Landing begins. The sun is rising out the window. Deep orange. Thick clouds underneath that look like land in the darkness. Clouds break as we approach. First sight of the gorgeous coastline. Touchdown and then the “airport shuffle” (immigration, baggage, etc).Continue reading “From a bus. “