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This year:

Current Reading:

Finished books:

Paul’s Epistle to the Romans

That Hideous Strength by CS Lewis

Short Stories by Leo Tolstoy

The Last Battle by CS Lewis

Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

Current Work:

Finished work:

Setting up a classical Christian school

An international move

Dinner Party

Cooking challenge

The fourth edition of our local literary journal: The Montecito Papers

Current Thoughts:

The solution is local. With all the political upheaval, societal problems, and incendiary rhetoric, I have consistently been reminded that hope is in the communities that you have influence over.

The way forward is backward. True progress is made when things of value are preserved, and we repeat the successes of the past.

The Wisdom of Others

Current Crafts:

Finished crafts:

Wood-burnt map of the Lake District

Wood-burnt photo of Salisbury Cathedral

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