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School’s Out!

Time to work. Our shipping date for our pallet is June 1st. We have been packing pretty steadily these last few days. Yesterday most of our kitchen joined our books in boxes. We have yet to get our sponsor number. I have nothing more to say about that. The final days of school were bittersweet. My students were awesome this year, and I will miss them. I offered to send along our newletter, if theyContinue reading “School’s Out!”


This past week Jessica was out of town to visit friends up in Seattle. I had work, so I remained here in Phoenix. I spent some of my extra time watching a film that was an absolute waste of time, going on a hike, and packing. Besides anxiously waiting for news on our sponsor number (see below), most of our work right now is packing. Last week we bought some boxes, our pallet was delivered,Continue reading “Boxes.”


I have a pretty active imagination. When all our fundraising was getting started, I had hoped that once we made our pitch to our church on February 7th, we were going to know immediately that the money was there. I had this dream of people coming up to us afterwards and handing us pledges that quickly added up to all the money that we needed. I imagined coming home and texting all my friends andContinue reading “Expectations.”

3 Weeks of School, 9 of America

Today, as I looked at the calendar, I must admit I was surprised when I saw that after this week, I only have three weeks left in the school year, and one of those is finals week. I think this particularly caught me off guard as I have consistently thought that once the school year ends, our work toward England will kick into overdrive. Even though we have 6 more weeks in America after theContinue reading “3 Weeks of School, 9 of America”

A Full April

While I plan to chronicle a few things we have been up to here, I will start with a brief update on our status on our work in England. Overall, not much has changed. Our level of support has gone up, the school continues to market classical Christian education, and our preparations have continued. Just this last week both Jessica and I sold a couple of larger possessions. God has been generous to us inContinue reading “A Full April”

Happy Eastertide!

Last night, as I was running around a Phoenix park, trying to hunt down my brother-in-law to hit him with a paintball out of a blowgun, I came across one of my teammates. In the darkness and with some distance between us, we were calling back and forth to determine if we were indeed on the same side. After stating our names, my teammate called out, “If you are Jonathan, then who is your favoriteContinue reading “Happy Eastertide!”


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