Saturday Morning Thought

After reading through a brief history of the first half of the twentieth century, it is abundantly clear that the past century was characterized (at times) by rampant lies. From Nazism to Communism (and even in the responses to both), truth was in short supply. Looking back, of course, it is much easier to sort it all out and to see that this promise was false and that piece of propaganda had no basis in reality.

As the 20th Century saw a new rise of lies, we, in the 21st, should only expect the continuation of widespread deception, especially with the rise of digital technology. Therefore, what are we doing now to see the lies of our own time? In fifty years (or even much less), when people look back at this year, or this decade, what will they see as such clear lies that might currently be ignored, accepted, or even promoted?

Those living through the lies of the 20th Century did not have the benefit of hindsight to help them find the truth, but that did not mean they had to be blind. Looking back, it is not the millions of people who acquiesced that we remember, praise, and admire. It is the few brave men and women who resisted, quietly or otherwise, whom we honor and praise. We know it is always possible to see evil, but whether or not you have the courage to do something about it is a test of character.

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