Lake District Pt. 4

On our final day, we had about half the day to spend in the Lake District, as we had to drive back to the Birmingham airport to drop off Demi and Keith in time for their flight. Nevertheless, we made the most of it by having a slow morning at the barn to take in our wonderful accommodations. Then we drove to the Castlerigg Stone Circle. It was a very short walk from parking to the circle, so we brought a picnic lunch. After exploring a much as we could, we bid farewell to the Lake District and headed home.

We had a wonderful time with our friends and enjoyed the break from the consistent work back here in Wombourne. Jessica and I enjoyed the laughter and many conversations with Demi and Keith: from inside jokes about Smeagol’s shower and Keith’s Italian blood to discussions about British culture and the state of the Church. They were perfect adventure buddies as they were up for just about anything (within reason) and took difficulties in stride. While they are moving back to the States in several months, we are thankful that they are so close (until their baby is born). We hope to be able to hang out with them as much as possible before they head the opposite direction that we just did.


We had no idea, but two days later we would end up back in the car for a three hour drive down to London. Instead of creating a separate post, I’ll stick it on to the end here. The short version of the story is that Jessica and I discovered that we would need a background check as a part of working with children this next year. Understandably, we need a check from the country we lived in for the past 27 years. To do this, we need fingerprints to send to the FBI. Not understandably, all local police office fingerprinting is closed because of COVID. The only place we could find was three hours away.

To make it better, however, we did stop in Oxford on our way back. Oxford.

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