Lake District Pt. 3

On day three, we drove to our destination for the day. We opted for a scenic route through the mountains and stopped a few times along the way: once at a lake, once at the valley pictured above, and once at a waterfall.

Jessica climbed most of the way up and turned around about here.
This is where Demi, Keith, and Jessica waited for me while I took pictures at the top.

After our several stops, we arrived at Lake Buttermere and (after tea and scones) began our walk around. Every hundred feet or so, we stopped for pictures. There were so many amazing views. Here is just a sampling of the best ones from that day.

We love this valley.

Candids from Buttermere:

The weather was so nice (and we had packed a lunch), so about 3/4 of the way around the lake, we stopped, took off our shoes, and (as the last few photos show) waded around for a bit. We ended up taking a bunch of goofy photos there. Enjoy.

The Fell-Walkers

In the Sunny Valley

Only one of us is posing in this (and the next) photo.

On the way out, I petted a wild sheep, I got scared by two sheep while exploring an old building, and Keith got ice cream from the local dairy.

To close the day, we picked up groceries from Keswick and then cooked a special dinner as an early celebration for my birthday. Afterward, we had a bonfire and Jessica surprised me with a cake!

It was another wonderful day (and our last full one in the Lake District). It would have been near-perfect; except that while we were sitting around the fire, Keith fell out of his chair and right into a clump of waist-high nettles. He survived.

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