Lake District Pt. 2

The next day, on the 1st of August, I woke up early and popped outside the barn for some photos of the area in the early morning sun. These are the first of many photos of the area which captured some of the exceptional light. These will end up being the only photos in the early morning, much of the other great light came in the evening. Fair warning: lots of photos below. It was a long day with a lot to see. If you want more: here.

After my companions awoke, we breakfasted and then began a long hike up one of the Lake District’s highest peaks: Skiddaw. At 931 meters–if I recall correctly–it is the 5th highest peak in Lakeland. From our barn, we had only to walk about a mile to gain access to the Cumbrian way, which would then cross paths with a steep ascent up Skiddaw. Our host had told us there was a strenuous but shorter path or a longer but more gradual path that we could choose from. We opted for the short path up (and then decided to take the long path down).

Candids from the Assent:

After gaining about 700+ meters over a couple hours, we finally reached the top. The weather the whole time had been wonderful, and our effort was rewarded with exceptional views in all directions.

To the West
To the South-West
To the South

After photos and lunch on the top, we began our long descent.

Candids from the Descent:

I have to throw this one in here…
This is the farmhouse on the land where we were staying. If you look to the clump of trees up and to the left of the house, that is the location of the barn.

When we got back to the car (still 1/2 a mile from the barn), we all jumped in and headed to the closest town to pick up groceries for dinner. However, we did not account for the day of the week (Sunday), and when we arrived at the store at 4:45pm, found out that it had closed 45 minutes ago. After further complications involving payment methods, we finally were able to put our heads together and figure out how to eat that evening. By the time we returned, the sun had started to set, and Jessica took advantage of the light. After that, we turned in for the night.

Jessica said this looks like a still from a Terrence Malick film. I agree.

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