Lake District Pt. 1

Jessica and I just arrived back home after a four day vacation in the Lake District with our friends Demi and Keith who were visiting from Northern Ireland. Rather than attempt to put all of my 700+ photos on in one blog post, I am going to break it up by day. I am going to rewind a few days to July 31st and start at the beginning.

After joining us on the evening of the 30th, Demi and Keith stayed at Lynbrook overnight before our drive up to the Lakes on the 31st. From our home to where we were staying for three nights was a three and a half hour drive. We decided to break up our trip by stopping at the town of Hawkshead for a few hours for lunch and a short walk. In addition to the above photo, here are a few more from our exploration of town after lunch.

From there, we drove up to Keswick for groceries before finishing the remainder of our drive up to a refurbished barn outside of Bassenthwaite. Here are some pictures of our approach:

Our Couple Photos on Approach to the Barn.

Parking was half a mile away from the barn, so after we arrived we waited for a few minutes until James (our host) arrived on a quad bike to give us a ride up to the barn with all our stuff. After getting settled in (and having dinner), we laced up our hiking boots and went for a walk out beyond the back of the barn. We hiked up to the top of a small mountain to watch the sunset. Here are a few of the best photos from that walk:

We never did name our indie-band… Maybe:

The Fell-Walkers

A New Dawn

This first album is pending Keith learning how to play an instrument. But it promises to be full of Italian motifs on tracks with his vocal influence.

After watching the above sunset, we hurried back down the chilly mountain in the dark for a solid sleep before our next day.

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