New Car and Sundry

I have to admit the last week and a half I have been rather dull as I have been totally engaged in the process of buying a car in a foreign country. I have learned all sorts of new lingo and terminology including MOT, V5C logbook, FSH, and “immaculate.” At the end, however, I am pleased to announce that we have a new car.

While the car that Tom and Hayley got us was nice for running simple errands around town, it had a rather unsettling noise and shudder in the gearbox. They assured us it would be fine to drive in the area, but we had several trips planned that would cover some hundreds of miles. As a result, we decided to get a new one. We gave them the go ahead to sell the first car and we began looking for something that would serve us well for the foreseeable future. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that cars here are overall much cheaper than in the States, and we were able to buy a very nice car (different make, same year, lower miles) for about only two-thirds of what we sold our last car for.

Now that our car purchase is out of the way, I am excited to move on to fun other ways of spending my time: things like the Antiques Fair this last weekend at Himley Hall. There Jessica and I found a number of nice art prints to help bring some color to our bare walls.

And the Priory Park in Dudley.

And a local bookstore! In Dudley (which is about fifteen minutes away from Wombourne), there is a independent bookshop called Saturday Books. It is run by a faithful Christian who offered to donate phonics books to The King Alfred School. Hayley asked up to pick up any books we thought would match the classical vision of the school. What we discovered filled both of us with that giddy excitement of a kid in a toy store or candy shop. The store is three levels of reasonably priced books of great quality and substance. Even better, Francis (the owner) is incredibly kind and very excited about the school. So after we picked up the free books he was donating, we stuck around and browsed. Of particular joy was the 40p section of the store. There we found several fascinating books for an absolute bargain. Here’s what we got:

Oh, and we had a horseback riding lesson. But I don’t have pictures of that.

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