School’s Out!

Time to work. Our shipping date for our pallet is June 1st. We have been packing pretty steadily these last few days. Yesterday most of our kitchen joined our books in boxes.

We have yet to get our sponsor number. I have nothing more to say about that.

The final days of school were bittersweet. My students were awesome this year, and I will miss them. I offered to send along our newletter, if they wanted, and I was excited when many families were interested in our project (or in at least knowing what I am up to). I am happy to be able to keep in contact even after we move, for without their email, it would have been farewell forever.

Which reminds me of a story. While some students voiced their continual disbelief that they wouldn’t be seeing me anymore, some write heartfelt notes of appreciation, and one quoted Gandalf at me, the strangest farewells came from unexpected places. One student who spent 95% of my class in abject apathy gave me a hearty handshake and wished me well. Another who was full of sass, snark, and superiority the whole year, saw me in the hall and said “Since this is the last day, and I will never see you again, can I give you a hug?” You can imagine my surprise (especially since I do not hug students). 

Speaking of surprise, on Sunday evening, our friends hosted a surprise farewell party for us! Betsy, Kaila, Jenna, Jonny, Allison, Jack, Natalia, Dennis, Laura, Dominic, Ian, Bill, Anthony, Walter, Meghan, Maggie, Lucy, Trinity, Sam, and Rachel (who was in town for the weekend) all gathered at Apartment #1 to surprise Jessica and me. After a meal, our friends shared some poems and songs that made them think of us, and the night closed with prayer for our work in England. It was wonderful to have the gathering together; not the least because we were running out of time before people left for the summer, and I didn’t have the bandwidth to schedule a party myself.

This weekend we have a staycation here in Phoenix with the Pyles and the Allens. We rented a house with a pool for a few days. Before then we have prep for the Appalachian Trail (including a very expensive REI trip today) and packing up most of the rest of our stuff. We have also started selling more items and setting them aside for friends. 

We just learned of a possibility to add one more thing to our June, but that remains to be seen. Right now we have the Appalachian Trail, Scott and Derek’s visit, Kelsey’s visit, and our departure from Montecito. 

I think it might feel strange if it was any less so.

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