This past week Jessica was out of town to visit friends up in Seattle. I had work, so I remained here in Phoenix. I spent some of my extra time watching a film that was an absolute waste of time, going on a hike, and packing.

Besides anxiously waiting for news on our sponsor number (see below), most of our work right now is packing. Last week we bought some boxes, our pallet was delivered, and we began sorting our books into boxes. We have an idea that we might try to ship out our supplies before the Appalachian Trail (I suppose that would need to be the 31st at the latest). We now have most of our books packed up, and I have played a lot of Tetris with empty boxes to see how we can best use the space.

Of those boxes, the only ones that are packed are the bottom layer. With most of our books already stowed, I am feeling very confident that we will have plenty of space. There is still a lot left to pack, but also a lot of space. Once we get all the items put in boxes, we have to attach labels to each box and remember how it is arranged. After I have made sure it will all fit, I cannot seal it up. On the day that the pallet is picked up by the truck, we will disassemble our packing work (so it will fit out the door) and then reassemble it on the curb. Then we can seal it up with the straps and plastic that were included.

As we are close enough now, we are probably going to begin packing everyday items (dishes/kitchen items/Dominion) soon. We have planned ahead for this and have extra versions of most of what we will need to pack. Nevertheless, these next few weeks are going to be interesting as we slowly (both through packing and selling) reduce our stuff.

The Sponsor Number

I’ve mentioned a few times we are waiting on a sponsor number from the school, but I have really gone into detail about it. Part of me right now wonders if I should, as I know that all it would take is one email for this to be a non-issue. However, because it has absorbed a majority of my thought-life, I will explain. In order to apply for our visas, we need a sponsor number. This is something that UK companies can apply for which provides verification that the company can provide for (in some way) a worker who is coming from abroad. Several weeks ago (I think 5 now), the King Alfred School put in their application to receive this number. They have not heard back yet. Until they do, we cannot apply, as our application will be denied without a sponsor. I was hoping to have our visa sorted by now, and as we get closer to July, the tension rises. Right now we pray. It will take about 3 weeks to get our decision once we apply, so if we don’t hear back soon, our whole departure may be delayed.

Less than optimal.

A few brief things

  • We were added to the King Alfred School’s website as staff:
  • The school continues to fundraise. There are a variety of ways to give, but here is one if you are interested.
  • We got our Transfer of Residence approval! This was a necessary step before we moved to free our pallet from import tax.
  • We are going to meet with a CPA in a week or two to discuss our tax situation for the coming year.

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