Idle Hands…

Are not my thing. Since February 7th, we have been consistently making preparations for our move. Even though for some time we did not know if the funding would be there, we knew we had to keep moving in that direction. Now that it is quite clear that the money will be there, it seems our acts of faith have been well worth it.

Book Sale

On March 6th, from 8:30am to about 1:30pm, we hosted a book sale outside our apartment with over 300 books for sale. Most of our neighbors came and a several other people from our friend group dropped by. We sold a good number of books (I did not record the specific amount), and then in the following weeks we had more people come over and buy from the leftovers. In addition, one of our friends offered to support our trip, and in return for their donation, we sent them a big box of books. Overall, we downsized quite a bit and were able to make $750.

After buying, many of our friends stuck around to chat.

Trip to Tulsa

Jessica and I spent our Spring Break largely in the car. We drove from Phoenix to Santa Fe, Santa Fe to Tulsa, spent two full days in Tulsa, drove back to Santa Fe, and then returned to Phoenix. On our way back, there was snow near the Mogollon Rim in Arizona (as you can see in the photo header). This gave us the opportunity to see friends and family as well as to store a number of items with my parents. Now that we have stored our few boxes in their attic, most everything else will be sold or is coming with us.

eBay Listing

For my Lego, swords, and more expensive books, I have been selling items on eBay for the past few weeks. This has also been wonderfully successful, and I have made more from that than I would have anticipated. One thing I had forgotten about was all the fees that you incur from selling through eBay. From the PayPal percentage to the eBay percentage, I think I am losing at least 15% of the sale price. I am sure I am getting more for these items than I would locally, but it is a bit annoying to see the net gain drop. I think for the other items I have that I will look to sell, I will probably see if OfferUp or selling to friends will work.

Prep Work

Jessica and I have also bought our tickets to England! At the beginning of July, we will leave Phoenix for Tulsa, and after a couple days in Tulsa, we will fly out on July 4th from Boston. For the deal, we are flying Air Portugal, so we will have a 1 hour layover in Lisbon before arriving in London on the 5th. We had thought we might visit Washington D.C. on our way out, but we figured with four bags, Jessica’s violin, and whatever other carry-ons, it would be a better idea to be tourists another time. Tom and Hayley have already told us they will pick us up from London (about a 2.5 hour drive), which is very kind of them.

Also, Tom and Hayley have told us that they have a place for us! It looks like we will be able to rent a two-bedroom bungalow in Wombourne from Hayley’s grandmother. We don’t yet have pictures, or the monthly cost, but if this works out, it would be wonderful to have our living place sorted before we arrive. In addition, Tom and Hayley have told us they will be buying us some furniture for our new place. With all this and the car, they are certainly doing much to make us feel welcome and settled as soon as possible.


In the coming weeks we will be selling more items, applying for visas, and finalizing support. Visas are the next big hurdle, and I will be applying for them close to three month prior to our trip. I anticipate that I will apply Easter weekend. While much of our life is all wrapped up in preparations, there are a few local things that are also happening. First, Volume IV of the Montecito Papers just arrived. Second, I have begun planning a Montecito Cooking Challenge (stay tuned for information on that). Finally, Jessica and I are planning a formal dinner party. We plan to make the most of these three months to come.

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