Finally, we have an answer. Our church will not accept donations on our behalf. Our priest is fully behind us, our Outreach committee is in favor of us, but our support cannot go through the church. It is not the answer we hoped for, but at least now we know and can move forward. To that end, we are planning on meeting this Sunday with the church to have a follow up meeting to ask for support. Now that things can move again, we are hoping to get to fully-funded soon. We have begun to fully act like we will move in July (I almost bought plane tickets today). Nevertheless, we still need a bit more to make it a reality.

Practically, the only thing this decision really means is that donations will not be tax-deductible. It also does mean we lose a bit of the “official-venture-of-Christ-Church-Anglican” feel. However, I am hoping that neither of the above will significantly dissuade people. I trust that they know enough about us, the opportunity, and the mission that they will support us out of that interest. As we begin preparations on that front (right now I am thinking of going through the directory and emailing an invite to all parishioners whose names I recognize), I wanted to share with you the information we will be communicating at our meeting. If you are also inclined, there here is a link if you would like to pledge financial support of our work.

The Lord being our helper, we can finally raise the rest of our support. Below is the handout we just drafted for our possible meeting this weekend. Enjoy!

Help send Jonathan and Jessica to start England’s first Classical Christian School!

In July, Jonathan and Jessica will be moving to England to join with Tom and Hayley Bowen in starting England’s first Classical Christian School. This couple, together with a local advisory board and the support of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, are working to establish a school that will cultivate wisdom and virtue in its students by nourishing the soul on all that is good, true and beautiful, all in order that they can better glorify God in thought, word and deed. The school is an independent school (not attached to any particular church or denomination) and adheres to the Nicene, Apostle’s, and Athanasian Creeds.

The School

The King Alfred School will opened in September with approximately fifteen students between the ages of four and seven. This opening is the result of long hours of fundraising, marketing, and building by Tom and Hayley and their supporters. The King Alfred School is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools and has been working closely with ACCS as they develop their curriculum and culture. The aim of the school is to provide a robust Christian education that is theologically sound and pedagogically rich.

What will we be doing?

We will be a part of the inaugural team of the King Alfred School as its first two full time teachers. Jessica will be teaching their equivalent of kindergarten and heading their music program. Jonathan will be teaching their equivalent of First and Second Grade (in a combined classroom) and serving as their Assistant Head Teacher.

How can you help?

We are asking for your support to send us as missionaries for the first year (possibly two) of the school’s life. The King Alfred School is working on its own fundraising to cover start-up costs and construction projects necessary to open the school in September, and they anticipate that with a small student body the first year, student tuition will not yet be able to support teacher salaries. As a result, we are independently fundraising the support that we need to live and work in England as we help the school get started. Please consider giving either a one-time gift or pledging monthly support to help cover our basic living expenses for the first year of the King Alfred School. Regardless of whether you are able to assist us financially, we would much appreciate your prayer along the way!

Cost of living estimate:

Rent: ~£9000 Per annum  Groceries: £4,500 per annum

Utilities & Rental Tax: £3060 per annum   Fuel: £960 per annum

Internet and Phones: £700 per annum Road Tax: £250 per annum.

Miscellaneous expenses: £1,200 per annum. 

About £22,000 total per year

Accounting for self-employed tax and the current conversion rate, we will need to receive about $35,000 for a year, or about $3000 a month. This does not include the costs of Visa applications, plane tickets, NHS fees, and moving expenses. Any additional money raised over the $3000 a month will go toward the $7500 of moving costs that we are currently planning on covering out-of-pocket.

We currently have $11,200 of pledged support

Prayer Requests

Please pray…

  • For our Visa application in April and all the practical aspects of preparing to move overseas
  • For Tom and Hayley Bowen who are starting the King Alfred School, that God would provide them with the financial and practical resources they need as they prepare for the start of school in September.
  • That God sends students and families to the King Alfred School
  • That God prepares our hearts and minds to love and serve the students and families at the school  

Contact Information:

King Alfred School’s Website:

For our address, emails, or venmo, feel free to reach out to me directly.

I have set up the following site if anyone would like to give online:

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