On Pause.

Here is the short of it. We gave our pitch to our church at the beginning of February to see if they would support us financially and prayerfully as we move to England to start this school. While we thought we had everything in line for this presentation, about one week before the meeting, we were told that parishioners would not be able to give money through the church until our Outreach Committee had approved us as an official project of the church. So on the date of the meeting, we asked for financial support, but had to let everyone know that if they wanted to give through the church, they would have to wait until we were approved. (It is worth mentioning as well that only donations through the church would be tax deducible. Even though I think considerations of taxes should have little to no consideration in advancing the Kingdom of God, this is unfortunately still a significant consideration.)

After the meeting, several people went ahead and pledged support, but several more indicated that they would wait until we knew if we were approved. We are still waiting, which means they are still waiting. Even this last Sunday, someone came up to me at church and asked who to make a check out to, and I had to explain that we didn’t know yet. In the midst of this limbo, there are two primary frustrations. The first is that our bishop, our priest, and therefore the leadership of the church is behind us and supports us. Yet, until this committee approves us, we cannot move forward. The second is that we have no idea when we will have a decision.

We have sent emails. Jessica keeps following up with the staff. Nothing thus far has changed. We both have the sense that this will work out in the end, but right now, in what feels and seems like a very crucial time of preparation, it is very frustrating to not be able to move forward. It is additionally tricky because for months it has been a steady path of progression. Each conversation would move us one step closer. Now, however, we are stagnant. Of course we continue our preparations. We have a book and media sale scheduled for the 6th, and we are driving to Tulsa to store keepsakes in the second week of March. Right now, all of our preparations are a true act of faith, as we have a bit over 10% of what we had initially asked for. Both Jessica and I are continuing on in the faith that once people can donate to our church, the rest of the money will be there.

In the meantime, I keep dreaming, planning, and praying. Soli deo gloria.

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