And then there was one.

This is a post about friendship.

I have spent the last 36 hours slowing saying goodbye to each of my dear friends that I have grown close to over the term. I have mentioned two of them on here before briefly, but now I feel compelled to write more about them as I remain in Oxford (just a few more days) without them.

Meagan and Anna are the ones I have mentioned before, and Jonan is the third. We are all pictured in the photo at the beginning. And now, a little about them, in the order that I said farewell to them.

Meagan Fisher:

22. From a small town in Indiana. Studying philosophical theology and recently got accepted into Princeton for graduate school. Loves Dr. Who, playing cards, and her family. I think I have never heard of a family more close than hers. Meagan (along with Anna) was one of my original friends. Quiet, contemplative, soft-spoken, and affirming, she was a joy to get to know and spend time with. I attended Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables with her, and the bus rides back and forth from London allowed for lots of times to chat about family, musicals, and whatever else happened to come to mind. A wonderful conversationalist and card-partner, I will miss playing euchre and watching new movies with her.

Jonan Pilet:

22. From a small town in New York (not too far from Canada). Studying writing and has already written three books and a screenplay. Loves Edward Scissorhands, animals, and his girlfriend Laura. Jonan I met a little later in the program, and really only got close to in the past three weeks. I am so happy I did. Jonan is energetic, creative, and wonderful to talk to, whether that is about writing, movies, or heavier things like mental illness. I enjoyed getting coffee with him, hearing and answering his questions at dinner, and helping him with Thanksgiving. The man is a vegetarian, but he helped prepare and cook the turkeys for everyone. I will miss the opportunity to continue to hang out with him, and to hear more about his fascinating life.

Anna Spotts:

21. From a small town in Western Michigan. Studying English and Biology (pre-med). Plans to attend med school after she graduates undergrad (in a semester) and takes a gap year. Loves books, the Lord of the Rings, running, and science. However this is where my format has to change a bit, as Anna is just a bit different from the rest. Anna was the person that brought us all together. Anna’s individual connections-first with Meagan, then with me, and finally with Jonan-caused us all to be her friends, and in proximity to everyone else, we just all became friends. For me, this friendship with Anna was undeniably one of the best parts of the semester. Talking about fantasy literature (or just literature in general), comparing our opinions on movies, walking to the horses, texting about whatever, watching her rowing competitions, drinking tea and coffee, sharing music, making snowflakes, and quoting movies and songs back and forth to each other are just some of the great moments.

I will miss them all. These three were such wonderful people, and even better friends. Dinners together, studying sessions, late night writing parties, marathon card games, frisbee, and movies. The four of us were a wonderful group, and as the semester comes to a close, and we each excitedly head back to home, I cannot help but feel the loss.

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