Today I felt inspired to write down a list of things that am particularly interested in at this point in time. Lists like this can be lots of fun to look back on in the later years, so I figured I would just include it here.

There are some interests that I think are constants, meaning that I would have to change fundamentally as a person for me to not enjoy these things. Great examples of this are reading, friends, being outside, rain, waterfalls, cool weather, theology, history, and learning. If you know me, you know most of those interests. I figured I would take this time to just write down some things that I have been particularly drawn to these past few months.

  1. Horses. This is really something that popped up during my trip to Canada, but I have absolutely fallen in love with these animals. It’s like I am hitting that 10-year-old-girl-phase as a 22 year old man.
  2. The Oh Hellos. Off of the recommendation of a dear friend I started listening to their music last semester and instantly liked it. I took a break (unintentionally) from listening to them toward the beginning of Oxford, but I have started listening to them again, and I love that I can hardly listen to their songs without tapping my foot and wanting to be happy.
  3. Dr. Strange. I found out about a week ago that this movie was going to be released in the UK before the US and I knew I had to take advantage of that. I saw it just today. Benedict Cumberbatch was wonderful as usual, and I would put it up there with my other favorite Marvel movies.
  4. League of Legends. I think most of my interests in video games ebbs and flows as I have friends interested in them. So for a while I was really into Civilization V, but now I am back into League of Legends. The best part of it is playing with Hans and other people and being able to maintain contact and friendship through that medium.
  5. Bike Riding. This might be one of those core interests, but regardless I have been doing it more while I am here, and absolutely love the feeling of riding a bike. It feels like flying sometimes. If I could manage the rest of my life using a bike to get from place to place, I would totally do it. I really am not a fan of cars. Unfortunately, I want to live some distance from the city, so it will probably be necessary.
  6. Ecclesiastical Art. This is normally contained in churches and normally takes the form of sculptures and windows. I enjoy the unique beauty contained in it and I like trying to figure out the symbolism, although mostly I just don’t have the required knowledge to understand it all.
  7. Tea. This one comes in phases for me (often battling with coffee for my favorite drink besides water) but how could I be in England and not be into tea?
  8. Star Wars. Something about Disney’s rejuvenation of the story that was such a part of my childhood has ignited my old love for this universe. I can’t wait for Rogue One.
  9. The South. I think this interest probably surprised me the most, but after the summer and after being in the UK for a bit, I realized that there are lots of things I like about Southern (or Midwestern… not sure what Oklahoma officially is) culture. Yeah there are a lot of things I don’t like, but I think I have been a bit charmed by certain parts of the lifestyle in the center states.
  10. Warm hats. The weather has been wonderfully cold here and I have been enjoying my wool hat I got from Iceland. It such a silly thing to include, but nevertheless I have enjoyed it so much there past few days it feel appropriate.
  11. Postcards. I love mail in general, but I also love pictures, so put the two together and I am hooked. I have sent several postcards since leaving the states and I plan to send more as time allows.

That feels about it for right now. Those are the little things that bring my a unique type of excitement amidst all the reasons I have to be joyful.

Grace and peace.

One thought on “Interests.

  1. If you ever get the chance, a concentrated collection of Ecclesiastical Art is in South Carolina.
    Includes paints, relics, and furniture from various chapels and cathedrals.


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