Situation Report

Everything is pretty settled in now. Day to day life, while exciting and fulfilling, is not much to report. Most weeks follow a simple pattern: find the required materials at the library, read more than you could possibly ever need to know on a topic, write a paper, attend lectures on a variety of topics, show up for your tutorial and subject yourself to an examination of what you wrote, and then, when it is all over, begin again for the next paper. I have, as of this morning, completed my 4th paper of the Oxford term. Since there are 12 total, this means I am a third of the way finished with the second portion of my time here.

Between the hours devoted to academic work, I continue to spend my down time with friends. Recently this has taken place in games of League of Legends–both with Meagan and with Hans–however it is also comes in the form of walks to the horses or dinners at the pub.

I appreciate being able to be friends with all of the people in the program. There is a bit of a division between the people at Wycliffe and those at the Vines, primarily because we live in different places, but I have been able to interact with and become friends with people in both communities. For Wycliffe, it is easy, because I live here, and for the Vines, my friendship with Anna and Meagan has allowed me to occasionally become closer with other people there.

On the whole, however, I spend most of my time alone, and this is because most of my time is spent working. When I am alone, it is to work hard so that I can finish my work and so enjoy the free time that I do get with friends.

I have found that even though I love my time here at Oxford, and it is, without doubt, the best education I have received, I cannot wait to return. There are things I will miss, and not only do I long to see my dear friends back in the states, but also nothing (it seems) can stem my excitement to begin teaching. As such, Oxford is a means to an end. I am doing my best to fully enjoy my time here and not think of it like that, but because I am so thrilled about what is to come, it is hard.

Other than that, there isn’t too much else going on!

Grace and peace.

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