Back Once Again

This morning we depart for Zurich from Heathrow and I am thrilled to finally be heading to Switzerland. It is one of my bucket-list countries and I am excited to see how it lives up to my imagination. While the main trip is in Switzerland, my vacation started a couple days ago, and I had a full day yesterday that I need to catch you up on. 

The beginning of the day was mostly full of stuff you will have seen before, if you have been around my blog for a bit, but the second half of the day we explored beyond Oxford. 

I should mention that “we” is my parents and I. They flew in on Wednesday and I am spending my vacation days with them. 

Yesterday after touring Oxford some and having a nice pot of tea, my parents and I visited Port Meadow before heading out of the city and toward London. On our way to London we stopped at a town called Marlow, had some more tea, and then walked around for a bit. It was a nice small town on the banks of the Thames. There was a large central park and walking seemed to be the primary form of transportation. The cover image is from a church there. It wasn’t the most beautiful church inside, but it was very alive. There was tutoring and choir practice happening in different ends of the building, and the children’s voices singing hymns added exponentially to the experience. 

After Marlow we drove to Windsor and the castle there. The castle was impressive, and we arrived at a wonderful time in the evening. I could try to describe it to you, but I think a picture captures it best. 

The castle itself was closed to visitors by that point, but we got to enjoy the surroundings. After walking up to the castle, we walked down to the Thames and ambled along the banks. The weather was nice and cool, and the wind was just enough to be pleasant but not enough to be cold. The sun had set by that point and it was getting progressively darker as we travelled, otherwise I would have loved to continue for a while. In fact, as we left, I checked on my phone what it would take to return to the area, as I enjoyed it so much. 

After that we headed to our hotel and spent the rest of the night there. That brings you up to today! It began with an early morning and I am currently sitting at the gate, waiting to board. 

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