A Basic Update

I am having so much fun playing with iMessage in iOS 10.

I got a bike! I am so thrilled about this. It was 70 pounds, and it is in great condition. It came with lights for night riding and a bike lock. I have loved having the additional mobility and the feeling of being back on two wheels. I will have to sell it when the term is up, but if I could, I would take it back with me.


I realized today that I am probably not going to write much about what I am learning. You see, the primary form of academic work here is to write papers. So I have no desire to finish writing a paper and then write more. I did just finish a paper about Robin Hood. I can at least tell you that.

My two closest friends at the program are Anna and Meagan. Meagan is pictured in the title image. A picture of the three of us will hopefully be forthcoming. It exists on someone’s phone, I just have to retrieve it. They live at the other residence in the program (the Vines).  Anna and Meagan are roommates who met at the program. I had a couple of good conversations with them in the early get-to-know-you-event stages of the program and they have seemed to appreciate my company. I certainly appreciate theirs.

I should also mention (again) that my roommate is fantastic. We jive well together and have already managed to get a game of Civilization V in, and are currently playing chess back through iMessage. Out of all the guys in Wycliffe, I am happy that he is my roommate. Also, when I originally applied, I tried to get a room by myself. Having been here for a couple weeks, I am glad that did not happen. Not only would I have missed out on getting to know Jess as well, but I think I would have had a higher chance of being lonely.

We went on another field trip the other day, this time it was to a former royal palace, one that was inhabited by Cardinal Wolsey and then King Henry VIII. There were lots of parts about it that were really cool, but I didn’t get a lot of good pictures like I did from the first field trip, so sorry about that.

It has been hot (82) these past couple days, but it is about to get cool again, which I am very thankful for.

Now that the pre-term has really geared up, most of my days are spent in the library or at my desk. Reading, writing, and editing are the name of the game. I think I have finally put the finishing touches on my first paper, but I will probably check it again. I know that I have edited this paper more than any other in my life.

The libraries are amazing. I had a moment the other day when I was sitting in one and I just stopped and thought “This is my life now” and I was awe-struck. I can’t tell you if God is the reason I am here (see previous post), but I am sure thankful that I am. Also I should mention that the library in the title image is not one of the good looking libraries. In fact, that library is a underground library that links two other libraries together. Libraries. Everywhere.


My current little pleasure is a pot of earl grey tea in the Caffe Nero on the first floor (Americans think ‘second floor’) of a book store called Blackwell’s. It is a wonderful place that is right next to what could be called the central hub of the university. The pot is just under 2 pounds and comes with a little serving of milk. There will always been room in my budget for that.

Well, I think that is everything exciting currently! Consider yourself up to speed! It looks like I will be going on a trip to London on Saturday, which I am excited about but currently I feel like I need more energy to spend a day walking around. But I bet I’ll be ready for it when it comes.

Grace and peace.


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