Maybe this blog should be called “Horses Abroad.”

The picture above was taken at a meadow that is about 10-15 minutes away from my home for the semester. In this meadow, which is quite large, there are a significant number of cows and a fair amount of wild horses.

Let’s back up a bit though.

A fair amount has happened since the last entry. Last you heard, I was on a bus headed to Oxford. Now I have spend a couple days in my room, unpacked, met lots of new people, and started (and rekindled) some wonderful friendships. This will be a picture-heavy post as I have to give you some glimpses of my life now.


This is Wycliffe Hall. This is both where I am staying and where I will be taking some of my classes. Just a short walk away is the Eagle and Child. If you aren’t aware of significance, please become so quickly. I have not eaten there yet, but it will definitely happen before the end of the semester.


I have heard that there are quotes from Lord of the Rings on the walls (which I suppose only makes sense) so I am extra excited to visit myself.


In this picture is the back (or side) of the heads of several of my fellow students. I live with 15 other students in Wycliffe Hall in the North Wing. There are many more students living here, but the 16 in the North Wing are all studying abroad. Other than that, there are about 40 students (from the same program) who live in a converted mansion (the Vines) that is a good bike-ride outside of town.

I really enjoy all of the people at Wycliffe. My roommate is great (Jessan, but he goes by Jess). There are four other guys on our floor, and six girls on each of the two floors below us. We have a good group here. Most of my time these past couple days has been getting to know all about all of the people here: their majors, hometowns, tutorials, and interests. I also have a few friends at Wycliffe from Biola, and so I have been catching up with their summers and travels beforehand.

Other than exploring the city and admiring the architecture and history, most of the time has really just been wrapped up in establishing and strengthening relationships.

This morning I attended a high mass at a local Anglican church and loved it. It was so similar to St. Matthew’s. I had spent the whole summer searching for a church like St Matts, and it was a wonderful experience to finally be back at a church that felt like home. The service was wonderful, life giving, and, in many ways, continually just what I needed to hear. On top of it all, I got to take communion for the first time in months, and I treasured that as well. (I had been attending a Catholic cathedral over the summer, and since I am not Catholic, I didn’t come forward for communion.) I greatly look forward to continuing visiting this church and I think I might even visit during the week as well.

After church we went for a walk to find the meadow (which we had heard about the day before) and upon finding the horses, I walked out and spent time with them. Most of them didn’t care about me or the grass that I was trying to feed them, but they were okay with me petting them anyhow. Also, I found out great news yesterday: there is an equestrian club at Oxford that I should be able to join. More updates on this will come later as the Oxford term does not start for almost another month, likewise clubs won’t be getting started until then.

I think that is it for now. To close, one more picture from the walk today.


Grace and peace.

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