Back in the Motherland.

I ended up not getting the special coffee this morning, and I also changed to love the fact that I stayed in a hostel last night. The deciding moment was when I was woken up less than an hour after I had turned in for the night. Someone was talking excitedly, and it took me a bit, as I came to, to realize what he was saying.

“Northern lights! Do you want to see the Northern lights?!”

I jumped out of bed as best as my half-conscious body would allow. The man led me, and a fellow traveler, out onto the roof and then pointed at the sky. I gazed up, eyes still trying to wake up, and tried to focus on what he was pointing at. Even though I was in the heart of Reykjavik, I could still see a thin line of dim light stretching across the sky. At that point, it looked mostly like a long wisp of cloud. As I stood out there with Alex (the fellow guest) and this man, the lights began to move, and shift, and grow brighter.

Before what had been a mostly straight, dim line became a wavy, bright green, patch of light that seemed to come alive in the night sky. It danced and changed by some unknown force for several minutes. It grew from something that looked like a cloud to a pulsing and waving stroke of green light across the sky. It seemed to be blown by the wind at times, but that made no sense. I honestly have no idea what caused it to move so much, but it remained in motion for the hour that we stood out and watched it. Finally, after providing us with quite a show, the light began to fade, and then finally it dissipated out, leaving the starry night in its place.

What an experience.

I slept uninterrupted for the rest of the night. I then woke up for the long day of travel I had ahead of me. I left the hostel, hoped on a bus, which took me to another bus, which took me to the airport, where I flew to London, and now I am on the last bus of the day, headed to Oxford.

I will miss Iceland. I will even miss Reykjavik. When I bussed back in yesterday I realized that I liked it more the second time. Its atlantic shore was particularly stunning and the hills in the distance seemed brighter. Perhaps returning with well-rested eyes played into it. I still prefer the southern country, but the capitol has been redeemed in my mind. I will miss the horses, the language, the food, the drinks, meeting fellow travelers, and many more things, but I am excited for what lies in store.

I am excited to meet all the new people. I can’t wait to meet my roommate and to find the girl from Tulsa. I really can’t wait to unpack. I am excited to explore the town of Oxford and dive into the many libraries that I have access to. I am quite ready be better informed about what to expect academically. Finally, I am ready to face that moment that has been building with iron resolve and clarity of thought. Bring on tomorrow.

Grace and peace.


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