Hikes, Boats, Buses, and Hostels.

I woke up this morning to clear skies. Since all of my time on the island yesterday was fog-filled, I hopped straight out of bed to go walking. I got ready, ate some Skyr (Icelandic yogurt) I had purchased the night before, and headed out. I knew I had to go to the top of the volcano again. It was a steep hike, but I had a feeling that the views from the top would be worth it. The day before, this is what the view from the top had been: IMG_1504.jpg

It was fun to hike in, but not great for pictures.

There are so many feelings that are wonderful in this world. One of which is the feeling you get when you arrive at the top of a mountain and look up for the first time. The past several minutes have been spent staring at the ground, in order to make sure you don’t slip and fall. In your caution, you are unintentionally delaying your gratification for the hike, as glimpses of the view you are about to see go unnoticed in favor of sure footing. And then you reach the top, and look up, and see the most amazing panoramic views that no words can describe and pictures can hardly do justice. Those are the moments I live for.

Looking away from the mainland
Looking toward the mainland.

After that hike it was time for me to catch the ferry, and from there it I jumped on the bus headed back to Reykjavik. That is actually where I spent most of my day: on the ferry and the bus. When I got to Reykjavik, I checked into my hostel. I had booked my final night in a hostel because I have never stayed in one before and I wanted to have the experience. Having been here for just a few hours, I can say once was enough because I could, for the same price, just as easily get a private room. It has nothing to do with the actual establishment and everything to do with privacy and one’s own space. As it is currently, I am in a group room with at least two women. The bathrooms are tiny and downstairs, and its all a bit strange. If it was a massive savings, I would understand why people do this, but it wasn’t. The best part about it though is that it is in a popular part of town.

I can walk out of the hostel and be on a street full of shops and dining establishments. This is nice because I had already planned on buying an Icelandic hat (just think of a normal winter hat except it is made of Icelandic wool and hand-knitted). So shopping was quite easy. After buying one, I wandered the streets some more, observing people and places and appreciating the cold. Interestingly enough, I saw Romy walking around as well!  I was going to say hi, but then felt sufficiently awkward about it because she was with someone else (presumably her boyfriend), and decided against it.

Later, after being unsuccessful finding a pair of gloves that I couldn’t do without, I headed back to the room, primarily to warm up. I think I am going to head out for a bit after I post this, but the night is essentially over for me. Tomorrow, I’ll probably be having some of that amazing coffee in the morning, and then it is mostly a day of travel for me!

Grace and peace.

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