I love to write. I like writing about my experiences, thoughts, theology, and even academic pursuits. I enjoy it quite a bit. Having a blog is a familiar experience for me because I have always been writing, but also new because I normally hardly share what I have written.

Unless it is a story, then I often like to share it with several people.

I like to occasionally try my hand at creative writing. Recently I have been focusing on writing very short, highly descriptive stories. What follows is an example, written several months ago, of that kind of writing.

P.S. That picture is a taste of what is to come in my travel update later today.


She almost fell over as she stumbled into the forest clearing. Sweat pouring down her forehead, Istra inhaled sharply as she realized what she had found. The simple focus on traversing the lack of a trail, combined with her own loud trampling through the forest, had completely deafened her to the growing roar of cascading water. Right in front of her was a massive waterfall, pouring down force in gallons from a hundred feet up. High above her was one side of the lush ravine, and from some unknown source came this liquid of life. Istra glanced around the clearing. From this flow of water, a small pond had formed below, and the trees, out of some kind of primal respect, had retreated into the woods, leaving her with the only unobstructed view of the sky she had had since she set out this morning. Istra breathed deeply now, relaxing from her strenuous journey. Nowhere close to over, she nevertheless knew she had time for a break. Emptying her pockets, she slipped off her shoes and socks, and dipped her toes in the cool spring. Istra smiled as she once again inhaled sharply, only this time from a different type of surprise. Although the sun was slowly burning everything on the surface of the earth, the source of this oasis was somewhere deep in the recesses of the earth, and from that safety from the sun, it now refreshed her feet. She became used to the temperature and started splashing and wading deeper and deeper into the pool, her laughter growing as she descended. Finally, as the water rose past her waist, she leapt up as far as she could—and dove in. As she entered the the water, the roar of the waterfall and the sounds of the forest left her behind as cool comfort embraced her. She slipped through the water for a bit before stopping, centering her feet on the stony bottom of the pond, and pushing with all her might. She rocketed forth from the pool, immediately caressed by the summer air, and landed on her back, sending ripples throughout the pond. There she lay, floating, content, as the roar of the pouring water filled her thoughts.



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