The Siphon Brew

Yes. I am giving this coffee a post of its own. After sleeping 11 hours (which was wonderful) I woke up and instantly knew what I would do with my morning: go back and get coffee(kaffi) again. I got ready, packed up, and headed out, back to the kaffi shop I had been to the day before. I passed several other fascinating kaffi shops, and almost went in one of them, but then I remembered how awesome it had been the day before. 

I am not sure of what all makes this the best cup of coffee I have had. Maybe it’s the brew method. Maybe it’s the water (the quality of Icelandic water is legendary). Maybe it’s the beans themselves. Not sure, but as I sip from my second cup, my statements are further reinforced. 

The siphon brew is what is pictured in the first image. A burner underneath  heats the water until it rises through the glass tube and into the cylinder at the top. The grounds are then stirred in. After some time, the barista removes the glass from the heat and the coffee slowly drains back (through a filter) into the glass globe below. It is then poured into another container and served. 

I can hardly think of a better way to start your morning that I am right now: drinking this coffee and eating a muffin that is way too sweet. 

Okay, maybe I can.

Anyhow, in all honesty, this coffee is the main thing about Reykjavik that I will miss when I bus out today.

Grace and peace. 

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