Change the plan. Change everything. Let’s scrap being a teacher. Scrap my final semester at Biola.  Scrap even returning to the States. I just want to live in Iceland and have a bunch of Icelandic ponies.

The moment I left Reykjavik I thought, “This is the Iceland I came to visit.” Large plains made mostly of volcanic rock. Mountains and hills in the distance. Rich shades of green in every living plant. It was wonderful. After passing about two or three horse ranches, I began to wonder if that would be an option at the town where I was going to spend the night. The bus even stopped to let someone off at a horse ranch, and I almost jumped off too, but then I realized I had already paid the complete fare.

I rode the rest of the way and got off in a small town called Selfoss. I had 3 hours until I could drop off my bags at my AirBnB for the night, and so I would be limited on mobility due to the weight of my pack. I pulled out my phone (having data on my phone has never been so helpful as it has been these past couple days) and several minutes later I had a 1 hour ride booked and a taxi scheduled to drive me the 8km up the road to the ranch.

The ride was fantastic.

It was Icelandic style of riding, which I was obviously unfamiliar with, but my previous lessons did earn me a faster horse. I wish I could relate to you the name of my horse, but it was an Icelandic word that I had trouble pronouncing, so never said it more than a couple times. The weather was cool, the scenery was bright and expansive, and my fellow riders (Americans) were enjoyable. There were two kids along which was perhaps the only downside as their timidity reduced our time at a faster gait.


After the ride was over, I caught a ride back to Selfoss with the riding company and grabbed dinner. One thing I have realized is that, in Iceland, food is rather expensive. I suppose I can’t actually think of anything that is cheap, but I have noticed food to be particularly on the pricey side. After dinner, I was able to move into my room. The grass on the roof is 90% of the reason I booked a night here, and it did not disappoint. It was still there. The inside of the house is nice and cozy and the family that lives here is kind.


Other than that, the day was spent walking around (only 9.21 miles today) and exploring. I love just being outside in the cool/cold weather and being surrounded by green. I think one of the reasons I appreciate where I am staying so much is that it blends into the landscape. The obverse of this is why I did not appreciate Reykjavik or most of the actual town of Selfoss. Icelandic architecture seems to harshly stand out from the natural beauty around it and I don’t like it.

Well, I don’t think I will actually own a pony farm, but I do think I will own a horse–at some point. Count on it.

Grace and peace.

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