A Farwell to Summer

I suppose it isn’t completely over for me yet, but it is certainly drawing to a close. While Iceland is part of my summer vacation, I viewed the summer as concluded when I flew out of the country. So now, as I am waiting for the next bus, I decided to write a farwell to this summer. 

It has been a great one. Between the unexpected and the routine, it has been an all-around wonderful experience. From the job I could have never predicted, to the engagement which caught me completely by surprise, the unknowns of summer have been good. Friends, as well, have been stellar. To be honest, the summer turned out completely different that I had hoped in terms of friendship, but nevertheless, it was so good. Times with my close friends back in Tulsa are ones I will  cherish forever. Moments like the long drives with my friend Scott, or being unable to not smile/laugh as I was describing how lit a cave was in Minecraft, or giving Derek and Ginny the biggest hugs after meeting them for the first time as betrothed. Those are the moments that made this summer great. 

This summer wasn’t all fun, smiles, and happiness. The summer was also loneliness, doubt, and uncertainty. It was frustration, exasperation, and loss (that last one is bittersweet). Yet amidst all the things to drag me down, it was the good people around me that made it all okay. It was not the fun things I did or the new dreams I created, but rather the community of such good people around me. People both in Tulsa, and not… But primarily those in Tulsa. 

So this farwell is more to them specifically because they are what made the summer memorable. It’s not just my friends either, although it is especially true for them. It is also my family, like my brother, neices, and nephews, and my coworkers; they are all responsible for specific memories and good times. 

So farwell to you, dear people. Farwell to the times we had and the things we did as I begin my foreign journey. I look forward to the days in which I will see you again and appreciate our ability to remain connected over my absence. 

May the Lord bless you and keep you. 
(I finished this post on the bus ride, which allowed for the picture featured here) 

2 thoughts on “A Farwell to Summer

  1. Going to miss seeing you drop in at the house for visits with Derek…which often turned into visits with the family. :). Praying for you this semester. Enjoy your travels and studies at Oxford, and we are looking forward to seeing you in December.


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