I am five hours early for my flight. International security hasn’t even opened up yet. Thankfully the airline was, so at least I don’t have my heavy backpack with me. In just the time it took to walk from the domestic terminal to the international terminal, I began to seriously question my decision to pack in a large backpack instead of a suitcase. Originally I had thought that it would make walking around easier, but wearing two backpacks is a bit cumbersome and the way I had them situated strained my neck. I had to take a moment and think to myself, “Now why am I wearing two backpacks instead of having one and rolling a suitcase behind me?”

I’m not sure I have a great answer to that question.

But oh well. Live and learn. I appreciate this break in flights. Five hours is a bit much, but being on a plane for too long is worse. I like having shorter flights with layovers than one long non-stop. I know that this is the opposite of what most people like, but I do think I would rather have breaks between my time on the plane rather than being stuck in one small seat for hours.

I thought about leaving the airport, but I know nothing about Baltimore, and on top of that, I figured I would save the money for Iceland. So here I am, sitting outside of security, after talking with the employee from WOW airlines who answered my “Hello!” with “I need your passport” and I am enjoying the leg room, elbow room, and 45 minutes of free wifi.

Grace and Peace


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