Wheels Up Tomorrow. 

I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nervous excitement. It has truly become real these last 24 hours. Shopping trips. Goodbyes. Stuffing backpacks. Etc.

I am trying to fit everything I think I might need for the next 3 months in these two backpacks.

I have an incredibly cheap flight to and from England (with the four night stopover in Iceland). The airline (called WOW) is one that sells cheap tickets and everything else is extra. So in order to keep the trip cheap, I am trying to limit myself to one checked bag. I appreciate the challenge. Pair down everything so that I am left with only what I need, and make do without some things that I want.

I also have the increased difficulty of being diabetic. Not only am I trying to bring enough clothes, but I have to bring enough insulin and pumps to last me for the term. (Prescriptions and the like don’t really transfer internationally.) Thankfully my parents are visiting part way through the semester so they can bring any extra medication that I may need. They can’t bring any extra clothes however, because I won’t have space to bring it back. I feel confident that I have everything I need packed, but it is nevertheless a bit daunting to know that I am so far removed from “backup” should I need anything in a medical crisis.

I know that once I am there and moved in and classes have started, all of these concerns will evaporate, nevertheless I am spending most of my current thoughts on making sure that every plan is in place. One of which is food. While I am Iceland, particularly, I don’t know how close I will be to food on an regular basis(as I plan to be hiking and exploring most of every day.) Also I have heard that Icelandic people love their pickled foods and I am nervous to try something I don’t like. That being said, I packing a lot of Clif bars. Just another precautionary measure. 

So I have most of my stuff packed (save things I plan to use tonight like my computer and toothbrush) and I am underweight on both my carry on and my checked bag. I am out of space in my large bag, but overall, it’s looking good. I’m about to head in for my last shift and after that some final errands before the final preparations are complete.

Grace and peace.

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