Why the Username.

Just a couple nights ago, at my dearest friend’s engagement party, someone who I knew almost nothing about (I had seen her before, but did not know even her name) approached me. We did the normal introductions, and as I said my name she exclaimed “Oh! You’re that Oxford guy!” I was highly amused that someone who I know nothing about, and must know precious little about me, should know this simple fact. In fact, even in the company that I have been working at over the summer, my semester abroad has become an significant point of interest. People will randomly approach me throughout my shift and ask for details of my trip: people that I never told I was traveling. Therefore, because this next chapter of my life has seemed to become a primary identifying factor of my life, I have decided to embrace it. I don’t know yet how much it will actually come to change me, but nevertheless I am excitedly awaiting its many possibilities.

That is it for now. Longer updates are coming, but I wanted to start with some shorter introductory entries. If you happen to be interested in a new song to check out, I would recommend “Trees” by “The Oh Hellos.”

Grace and peace.

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