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Three Weeks In

After delays, isolation, and visas, we were, three weeks ago, finally able to set foot in our classrooms for the first time. We hit the ground running. We thought the learning curve would be steep, and then God had plans to throw us in on the deep end. After just three days at full staff, the Bowens got COVID. For the next eight school days, Jessica and I ran the school. We have one otherContinue reading “Three Weeks In”

An Outside Article

After a long week of teaching (and yes, we are finally teaching), I am ready to rest: not write. Let me leave it at “It’s going well, but we have much to do” and instead link to something else I wrote a month ago. If you know me, you have probably already read it. However, I figured I would include it here as one more piece of information about our journey. Pray for us.


Right before Jessica and I jetted off to the States for our visas (and I took a hiatus from writing updates), we took an excellent, week-long vacation to the south-west of England. We drove down from Wombourne to take a long and winding journey down to the south coast and then up the north of Cornwall and into Wales before heading home. I think we have 1000 photos from this trip, and even my favoritesContinue reading “Somerset/Devon/Cornwall”

The Royal Way

Recently, which has a way of feeling not so recent since our three week hiatus in America, Jessica and I listened to “God’s Smuggler” by Brother Andrew. I must admit, I am a bit wary of missionary stories—perhaps not justly—so it took some convincing from Jessica before I agreed. She sold it on the high adventure of the stories within, and I figured that even if it was overly charismatic—which is a learned aversion fromContinue reading “The Royal Way”

And We Waited…

On August 23rd, Jessica and I–armed with everything we thought we would need for our visa applications–boarded a plane headed to the United States. Our round trip ticket, purchased only a few weeks before, was scheduled to return to England on September 3rd. We planned to pay extra for faster processing and to submit our applications as soon as we landed on our home soil. Taking this into consideration, we figured we should be ableContinue reading “And We Waited…”

Lake District Pt. 4

On our final day, we had about half the day to spend in the Lake District, as we had to drive back to the Birmingham airport to drop off Demi and Keith in time for their flight. Nevertheless, we made the most of it by having a slow morning at the barn to take in our wonderful accommodations. Then we drove to the Castlerigg Stone Circle. It was a very short walk from parking toContinue reading “Lake District Pt. 4”


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