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Out of Isolation!

Under the UK’s travel requirements, Jessica and I were to remain in isolation for ten days after our arrival. We had to schedule two COVID tests (one for day 2 and one for day 8) to take to make sure we would not develop COVID after traveling (and if we did they could track who we had been in contact with). In addition to the previous tests, there was an optional test that could beContinue reading “Out of Isolation!”


From Phoenix, we flew two and a half hours to Tulsa. Three day “layover” in Tulsa to spend time with family and friends. From Tulsa, one and a quarter hour to St. Louis. Two hours in St. Louis. From St. Louis, two and a half hours to Boston. Four hours in Boston. From Boston, six hours to Lisbon. Two hours in Lisbon. From Lisbon, two and a half hours to London. Two hours in theContinue reading “Arrived!”


In the past three weeks, here’s what we’ve been up to; we packed up and sent off our pallet for its 8-10 week journey to Wombourne, hiked 55 miles of the Appalachian Trail (check that out here), had Scott and Derek in town, had dinner with half a dozen friends and family, hosted Kelsey and Eli, sold a number of items we won’t be able to bring, and began packing our suitcases. While the TrailContinue reading “Packed.”

School’s Out!

Time to work. Our shipping date for our pallet is June 1st. We have been packing pretty steadily these last few days. Yesterday most of our kitchen joined our books in boxes. We have yet to get our sponsor number. I have nothing more to say about that. The final days of school were bittersweet. My students were awesome this year, and I will miss them. I offered to send along our newletter, if theyContinue reading “School’s Out!”


This past week Jessica was out of town to visit friends up in Seattle. I had work, so I remained here in Phoenix. I spent some of my extra time watching a film that was an absolute waste of time, going on a hike, and packing. Besides anxiously waiting for news on our sponsor number (see below), most of our work right now is packing. Last week we bought some boxes, our pallet was delivered,Continue reading “Boxes.”


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