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Church and Community

While the school is much of our life, we never wanted it to be everything. From the moment we anticipated making the move, we knew that along with the school, we would have two primary tasks once we arrived in England. The first was to find a church, the second, to find community. Leaving great examples of both behind, we knew we would never be settled until those two things were sorted. The search forContinue reading “Church and Community”

Phonics and the Classical Tradition

I wasn’t looking forward to teaching phonics. I figured just about every other area of the Year One/Two curriculum I could pick up quickly, if I didn’t have a teaching knowledge of it already. Phonics, however, is a different animal. In math, you begin with basic skills like adding and subtracting, and even if you get all the way into imaginary numbers and sine/cosine, you still retain the working knowledge to add and subtract. Reading,Continue reading “Phonics and the Classical Tradition”

Empty Churches

As we explore England, I am compelled to visit as many church buildings as I can. Besides being in love with the holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, I am also in love with church buildings. As beautiful, sacred spaces, nothing else man has made can compare. For all my love for Christ’s church, you can imagine my heartbreak at finding these beautiful buildings empty and closed. In England, the church buildings (that are still inContinue reading “Empty Churches”

An Extended Quote

For a change, below is something that I did not write. However, I heard about the ideas mentioned in this speech about a year ago, and they have been bouncing around in my head ever since. As Western Civilization throws itself with a religious fervor into insanity and misery, I find these words are timely and powerful. Enjoy. I hope these ideas stick with you the way they have with me. “One day Dostoevsky threwContinue reading “An Extended Quote”

Three Weeks In

After delays, isolation, and visas, we were, three weeks ago, finally able to set foot in our classrooms for the first time. We hit the ground running. We thought the learning curve would be steep, and then God had plans to throw us in on the deep end. After just three days at full staff, the Bowens got COVID. For the next eight school days, Jessica and I ran the school. We have one otherContinue reading “Three Weeks In”

An Outside Article

After a long week of teaching (and yes, we are finally teaching), I am ready to rest: not write. Let me leave it at “It’s going well, but we have much to do” and instead link to something else I wrote a month ago. If you know me, you have probably already read it. However, I figured I would include it here as one more piece of information about our journey. Pray for us.


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